This Photo From The Oscars Set The Record For The Most Retweets Ever

Last night at the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres broke the internet by taking the most star-studded celebrity selfie of all time*.

What all started off as a picture with Meryl Streep became something that we will all hate ourselves for a few years down the road remember forever. First Julia Roberts got added into the shot, then Channing Tatum, then Bradley Cooper, then Jennifer Lawrence, then Brad Pitt, then Angelina Jolie, then Lupita Nyong’o, then Kevin Spacey!

Then Jared Leto ran into it because of course he did…

Resulting in 2,640,000 retweets and counting, this is the result:

Though if you listen to the video of the event, you can hear Jennifer Lawrence declare that “somebody needs to drop a boob if we want it to get retweeted this many times,” which makes you realize this could have been a lot worse better.

This is your Mt. Olympus of Hollywood, people; bask in their radiant glory.

And this is a reminder that The Daily Banter is on Twitter, and fighting for all 1,440 users that we have.

And this is a reminder that while all this was going on, we’re one step closer to World War 3:

*Technically, Bradley Cooper took the picture so he should technically get the record for this.