Quote of the Day: Howard Kurtz Attacks Stephen Colbert (and Proves He’s Lost His Mind)

“This guy — a fake anchor if ever there was one — has been maligning hard-working journalists for too long. In an effort to get a few cheap laughs, this Comedy Central clown took my work out of context and, worse, engaged in selective editing. It was nothing less than a deliberate attempt to mislead viewers.”

— Howard Kurtz, long-time media reporter and current host of Fox News’s “MediaBuzz,” lashing out at Stephen Colbert in a piece for Fox News Insider

Everybody, please keep Howie Kurtz in your thoughts because it’s obvious he’s had a stroke.

Kurtz was always kind of worthless but since moving from CNN over to Fox he’s become an outright joke, as evidenced by what has to be the most confusing and arguably lowest point of his career to date: railing like a madman at a comedian who he feels insulted him professionally. Kurtz is obviously too dense to realize that there’s nothing to be gained by attacking a satirist who’s making fun of him, not a scenario in the world in which he comes out of it with the upper hand and looking respectable as a journalist and a television personality. Anybody not inclined to knee-jerk would have just let it go and not thrown gasoline on the fire, because now Colbert has every reason to comically destroy Kurtz personally on national television.

It’s of course entirely possible that Kurtz is engaging in satire of his own and that his “anger” at Colbert is a put-on. If so, well, then, he needs to leave the comedy to the comedians. But if he truly is pissed, there may be another reason why: because Colbert touched a raw nerve by mocking Kurtz for harping on Hillary Clinton’s age and how it might be a problem for her should she run for president. (That’s what this is all about: Colbert was making fun of Kurtz for obsessively playing the age question for Hillary as if it were a bigger impediment than it likely is.)

Kurtz may be a doof but he at least tries to be a legitimate journalist. Now that he’s under the Fox News banner as a media reporter — meaning that his job is essentially an extension of Fox’s notoriously vicious PR department — he’s more than likely required to represent the network’s interests on-air and to push the daily talking points, same as everybody else. For all we know, Kurtz doesn’t really give a damn how old Hillary Clinton is and doesn’t think it’s important one way or the other. But his opinion doesn’t matter — Roger Ailes’s does.

It’s entirely possible that Kurtz is lashing out at Colbert because he knows that Colbert is right — running lengthy segments about Hillary Clinton’s age really is horseshit.

Of course, again, maybe Kurtz is just trying to be funny. Either way, whether he’s shooting for satire or trying to be a serious journalist, he’s failing miserably.

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