This Depressing New Gender Pay Gap Infographic Will Depress You

Yesterday, Tammy Lam over at Intuit posted this infographic on the US gender pay gap, which might be one of the most effective state-by-state breakdowns when it comes to illustrating the salary discrepancies between men and women in America:

via: The Gender Pay Gap: State by State

Using data from the latest US census, this infographic shows us just how bad the situation in places like Wyoming, Louisiana, and West Virginia is, with the average women’s salary 69% or less than that of the average men’s. But what’s really significant, and what should be most alarming is that only 4 states (+ a district and a territory) had an average women’s salary that was in the 84% or higher category.

How are women not rebelling in the streets? What if we were doing this to a different random 50% of the population?

“Oh, you’re equally (if not more) qualified for this job than this person, but you’re allergic to poison ivy? You’re going to make $10,000 less than him. Sorry…”

And attention men of places like Indiana, Michigan, and what looks to be the upper parts of Wisconsin: these women that aren’t getting paid enough are your mothers, wives, and sisters. Don’t make this an issue they have to fight alone.

Love them enough to help make sure they get paid enough to hate their job only as much as you do.

That’s the American way.