THE MORNING BANTER: Secret Supreme Court Video, the Horror of “Normcore,” a Hipster Vader, and Better Oscar Hosts

Happy Friday. Here are a smattering of internet goodies to pass the time until you can bail for the weekend.

1. Motion in Court

There are very few things the general public has never seen. Video from inside the Supreme Court while the court is in session is one of them. Or at least, it was.

CNN: Supreme Court Secretly Recorded on Camera

2. “The Regular Guy Look”

Do you put absolutely no thought into what you wear? Are you a Middle-American tourist? A really big fan of basic New Balance sneakers, acid-ish wash jeans that don’t really have much in the way of a specific fit, and a fleece top? Are you Seinfeld? Well, congratulations, without meaning to you’re at the tip of the spear when it comes to Lower East Side fashion. That’s because the hipsters have now, predictably, embraced a complete lack of style and given it a name: “Normcore.”

Gawker: Are You Normcore?

3. Pie Charts

#1 Reason: because pizza is fucking awesome.

NPR Planet Money: 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

4. Barely Human

When even our human interactions are being outsourced to technology that’s designed to make our lives easier, we may have a problem as a society.

Wired: Today’s Apps Are Turning Us Into Sociopaths

5. In Vader

There’s talk that Girls‘ Adam Driver may be cast as a Darth Vader-ish character in Star Wars: Episode VII. And you thought the last Star Wars series had a whiny mumblecore villain. Also, leave it to the Atlantic to bitch about how Driver’s probably going to be the breakout star of a show with four female leads.

The Atlantic: What Star Wars’ Casting of Adam Driver Says About Hollywood

6. Poster Chide

And with the Academy Awards once again upon us this weekend, let’s take a look back through the years at some Oscar hosts that could have been.

Break: 10 People That Should Have Hosted The Oscars

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