THE MORNING BANTER: A Net Neutrality Threat, A Bridge Too Far, Area Code Madness, and an R-Rated Anchorman 2

Welcome back to Monday, and your return to the grind of the work-week. Here are a couple of headlines and internet goodies to get your through the day.

1. Streamlined

Netflix has just struck a big deal with Comcast. It’ll mean faster service for Comcast subscribers, but it may also be the biggest blow yet to net neutrality.

The New York Times: Comcast and Netflix Reach Deal on Service

2. “Razing Arizona”

In case you missed it, at the start of the weekend George Takei called for a nationwide push to keep the LGBT community out of Arizona — that’s if the state approves a bill will that allow businesses to discriminate against gay people. Certainly, there are probably some people who don’t mind the idea of the LGBT crowd staying away. But the money it brings into the state — that, they want to keep around.

George Takei: Razing Arizona

3. A Bridge Too Far?

One of the problems with zealously reporting on a scandal your political enemy happens to be embroiled in is that you run the risk of overreach. Granted, Fox News has blown a hundred non-stories up into supposedly earth-shattering scandals and none of them deserved as much press as the outlet provided. But can the same sort of thing be said when it comes to MSNBC’s ongoing coverage of the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal (which really is a story, by the way)? Read this, take a look at the clip, and decide what you think.

Mediaite: Bill Maher Confronts Maddow over MSNBC’s Christie Hysteria: ‘It’s Not Watergate!’

4. Cracking the Code

There’s a reason I’ve always kept my 917 area code on my cell wherever I’ve moved.

The Atlantic: Our Numbered Days: The Evolution of the Area Code

5. @#&%!

This is kind of a big fucking deal.

The Los Angeles Times: ‘Anchorman 2’ To Get R-Rated Theatrical Rerelease, 763 New Jokes

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