WATCH: A Second City Chris Farley Channels Matt Foley Living Down By The River Years Before SNL

Chris Farley, the bulbous star that shined too bright, is known for a few legendary roles; Tommy Callahan in Tommy Boy, Mike Donnelly in Black Sheep, and the sandwich-stealing bus driver in Billy Madison.

But one that outshines all the rest is his classic Saturday Night Live character Matt Foley, motivational speaker. In the legendary sketch, Farley is such a comedic force of nature that not even Phil Hartman and David Spade can stand it. And here’s a fun fact: Farley was never supposed to break the table in the sketch. It was never written nor rehearsed; he just went for it.

But an even more interesting fact is that the Matt Foley character was actually born well before Chris Farley ever stepped onto the stage at Studio 8H.

A video posted on Second City’s YouTube page yesterday shows a young Farley screaming about government cheese and vans down by the river in a sketch with Bob Odenkirk, Jill Talley, and Tim Meadows.

Enjoy the throwback and next time you’re choking down roast beef sandwiches and speedballs, pour some out for the big guy.

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