Fox News to Revive Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory, Bill Clinton Harassment Charges Tonight

I’m old enough to remember the 1990s and the Clinton administration. While nothing quite compares to the conspiracy theory industrial complex and its farcical syllabus of crapola regarding President Obama, the Clinton years were almost as wacky.

One of the top shelf conspiracy theories about the Clintons had to do with the suicide of White House advisor Vince Foster, which topped a list of other suspected deaths at the hands of Bill and Hillary. Now, 13 years after the end of that administration and at the outset of the would-be presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, everything from the ’90s appears to be back on the table.

We’ve already heard from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who was the first to invoke Monica Lewinsky. And now here comes Fox News Channel resurrecting the Vince Foster conspiracy theory.

On tonight’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly welcomes Kathleen Willey who famously accused President Clinton of sexual harassment. An independent counsel discredited the groping allegations. Nevertheless, Willey has gone on to accuse the Clintons of not only assassinating Vince Foster, but also of murdering her husband.

Toss into the mix a series of all new conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Benghazi, and the insanity has only just begun. We should be prepared for a bottomless cup of crazy for the next two years — and many more if Hillary wins in 2016.

If you know anyone who claims to be suffering from “Obama fatigue” partly due to all of the unhinged theories circulating since 2007 (birth certificate, secret Muslim, death panels, IRS goon squads, etc, etc, ad nauseum), they probably shouldn’t expect the nonsense to recede at all but, instead, to merely shift to a different target — one whose opponents have been using for conspiracy theory target practice since 1992.

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