THE MORNING BANTER: An Orwellian Monopoly, Taibbi’s Back, the Love Test, and the Origin of “F*uck”

It’s Friday, so kick back, relax and pore over these headlines and internet goodies while you wait to bail and go get to drinking.

1. An “Orwellian Monopoly.” That’s a good way to put it.

The New Republic: The United States of Comcast

2. Matt Taibbi is back with a lengthy piece in Rolling Stone that will, as usual, both entertain and infuriate the hell out of you. Also, Drake is pissed Taibbi got such a big spread.

Rolling Stone: The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks’ Most Devious Scam Yet

3. Ever wonder why celebrity magazines use yellow lettering on their covers? Why almost all magazines now have a lot of words printed on their covers as opposed to the subtle designs of yesteryear? Wonder no more.

Slate: The Anatomy of a Magazine Cover

4. Because it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ll probably be a) blowing way too much money, b) screwing up big time and sleeping alone, or c) sitting on your couch drinking beer and eating Häagen-Dazs tonight, we offer this to you: bittersweet words of wisdom on a question that’s haunted us all at one time or another.

Esquire: “How Do I Know I’m in Love?”

5. And if you do manage to have a good night tonight, there’s this.

So Long as Its Words: On the Origin of ‘Fuck’

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