Goldman Sachs Want Their Female Coders To Have Perfect Makeup And Well-Manicured Nails

We’ve all heard the old wives tale warning about getting your wife a vacuum cleaner. It may be a practical gift, but its lack of empathy will most likely have you sleeping on the couch for the better part of a week. Apparently the old boys at Goldman Sachs never got the message though, as they made a giant ass of themselves recently at a Women Engineers Code (or WeCode) event at Harvard.

In attempt to recruit the next class of women engineers, the geniuses over at Goldman Sachs thought, “What does every young co-ed need these days? Oh! How about a lovely compact mirror for when their makeup feels out of place while they’re working on back-end stuff? Or what about a nail file so that if they have to skip a manicure to stay late at the office, they won’t feel ashamed about their nails when they go home to cook dinner for their boyfriends or husbands? Perfect!”

Unsurprisingly, the attendees found themselves a bit confused about the possibly sexist swag, posting pictures of the gifts on Instagram with comments like “#goldmansachs brought nail files and mirrors to the women’s coding event. Not sure if this is #sexyfeminism or gender stereotyping.” Depending on your sensibilities, a case could be made for both, but either way, you can be sure that these women aren’t jumping at the bit to go home with those thoughtful, adventurous Goldman Sachs boys at the end of the night.

In fact, it may have been Google who, probably through data mining, knew what would go over best: comfy socks.