This Interactive Graph Shows All The Cancer You’re Going To Get

Forget the Obamacare website or the ability for doctors to have unlimited access to knowledge sharing sourced from around the world, the internet’s biggest impact on modern medicine is that thanks to websites like, everyone with an internet connection is granted the ability to be an unofficial, unlicensed (but very opinionated) oncologist, diagnosing every mole, rash, and bruise as some form of terminal cancer.

Well, now thanks to a biotechnologist named David Taylor, there’s a handy interactive graphic that illustrates how common and deadly various types of cancer are, so now you can really go and raise your stress levels (which means an increased risk of cancer by the way). Each pie chart represents an organ and is sized according to the incidence of cancer of that organ. The charts are based on data from the American Cancer Society and a 2002 study of long-term survival rates. The red wedges show the proportion of patients who die from the cancer within the selected number of years after diagnosis.

Apparently the idea for this graphic came from a desire to visually categorize the data in this American Cancer Society publication about the number of cases of different types of cancer diagnosed in the United States every year. It occurred to Taylor that the visually most potent way to present such a large amount of data was to anchor it to something everyone knows intimately: our own anatomy.

If you study the chart, you’ll see that you’re most likely going to have breast or prostate cancers, but the good news is that those are relatively survivable cancers if caught early so you know what that means…

Enjoy clicking around on the interactive graphic, and just remember to wear sunscreen, eat organic beef, throw out your microwave, stop eating chocolate, use a metal water bottle, eat more chocolate, and take tons of Vitamin B12.

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