THE MORNING BANTER: Clean Debt Limits, Obama Warnings, Liberal Salespeople, and House of Cards Against Humanity

It’s Wednesday, and we’re now down to 2 short days before Valentine Day, you dateless wonders. Here’s what’s happening on the interweb.

1. House Passes ‘Clean’ Debt Limit Bill After Republicans Capitulate

The House of Representatives approved a rise in the nation’s debt limit Tuesday, setting up passage of a bill in the Senate that would allow the nation to continue paying its bills this year. The measure, which boosts the current debt ceiling of $17 trillion before the government would have been forced to default at the end of the month, passed 221 to 201, with 28 Republicans joining 193 Democrats in voting yes.

Do you think a weight was lifted off those 28 Republicans when they did this or was there a sad, twisted feeling of shame inside them instilled from a lifetime of conservative values being drilled into them? I wonder…

2. Obama Greets France’s Leader, but Warns Against Doing Business With Iran

With the French president looking on, President Obama vowed on Tuesday to come down on companies that evade sanctions against Iran “like a ton of bricks.”

“And not those ton of bricks from ACME that can’t even kill a coyote,” he clarified, “I mean an actual 2,000lbs of actual bricks. For serious.”

3. This Is Why Liberals Are The Worst Salespeople On Earth

Commenter-turned-writer Peter Player graced us with another great piece reminding us of how broken our system is and why we should have no faith in anything. Great job, Peter. Great job.

4. There’s A House of Cards/Cards Against Humanity Combo Pack

This is basically a Daily Banter article generator.

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