THE MORNING BANTER: A Potential NFL Player Comes Out, A GOP Official Says Gays are Satanic, and the Olympics Suck

Another Monday is here and it’s back to the grind with you. Here’s some internet nonsense to pass the hours today.

1. It’s possible that the NFL will soon see its first openly gay player. That’s the good news.

USA Today: Missouri DE and NFL Prospect Michael Sam Announces He Is Gay

2. And now, the bad news. While Michael Sam may make it to the NFL, he’ll probably never be truly welcome in one of this country’s two major political parties. And please don’t even bother with the “not all Republicans are like this” line. That’s very true. But if you hate gay people and believe they’re agents of Satan, you’re almost certainly a Republican.

The Huffington Post: Republican Official Says Gays Should Be Purged From GOP, Blames Homosexuality On Satan

3. Did you have your orange juice this morning? Fresh-squeezed OJ is one of those things I like so much that I’ll never deny myself it, even though it’s a little more pricey. But how good is it for you really?

The Atlantic: Misunderstanding Orange Juice as a Health Drink

4. In a word — yes.

Esquire: Are the Winter Olympics Actually Totally Bullshit

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