UpBuzzViralWorthFeed: This Fake Australian Stay In School Ad Is Blowing Up On The Web

Usually we tell you what kind of amazing viral video you’re about to watch to get your eyeballs salivating, but this one is something special.

In fact, we’re going to try and read your thoughts as you watch this cinematic masterpiece instead. Enjoy!

0:01 – Oh some kids cutting class with a quirky folk pop song on. That’s cute.

0:06 – And there they go shedding their overbearing institution’s dress-code’s clothes. Maybe this is an ad for Levi’s or something?

0:12 – One’s drawing and one’s playing guitar. Man, these are some artistically talented pretty people.

0:15 – Maps? Where we’re going we don’t need maps!

0:18 –  VW van. Got to be a commercial for VW.  Right?

0:21 – What a convenient hole in a fence! And right near a beautiful ocean too!

0:37 – Or is it a beer commercial? What were those two white people drinking before they started making out in the waves and pretending like mountains of sand weren’t getting violently thrust up their bathing suits?

0:47 – That is quite possibly the most epic hair whip of all time. Sorry Willow Smith.

0:55 – Girlsss runninggg slowlyyy on the beachhhhhh

0:56 – OH MY GOD!

0:59 – OH MY GOD!!!

1:04 – What could this possibly be a video for?! I’m dizzy! What is happening?!

1:08 – She just got Carrie‘d.

1:14 – That’s a hand…

1:28  – Oh…Wow…Well that explains the hole in the fence. I guess that was actually some nice storytelling but what could this possible have be…

1:41 – Stay in school?! This is what they show kids to get them to stay in school in Australia?

Fortunately no.

This video, and the entire Learn for Life Foundation, including their website, is the work of the comedic duo of Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann from Perth, Australia who actually have used their talents for actual commercials before, but who just wanted to see people lose their heads over kids losing their heads this time.

Now, remember to stay in school!