THE MORNING BANTER: Blaming the NY Times, “Frozen” Future, The Video Game Guide To Life, and the “Breaking Bad” Remake

It’s Friday and you’re probably ready to get out the door as quickly as possible and start your weekend, but here are a few headlines and internet tidbits to kill time until you can make your escape.

1. Black and White and Red All Over

While Dylan Farrow is crying during her People interview and the New York Timesis considering running Woody Allen’s op-ed response to the op-ed it ran from Dylan last week — journalistically, it has no choice but to — the Los Angeles Times is entering the fray. But how it’s doing it is interesting. The paper is making it known that it was first offered the Dylan Farrow column and passed on it, likely for the reason the New York Times should have passed on it: because it essentially amounted to a harrowing but unprovable accusation.

The Wrap: Los Angeles Times Rejected Dylan Farrow’s Op-Ed Prior to Publication On Kristof’s NYT Blog (Exclusive)

The Los Angeles Times: Woody Allen vs. Dylan Farrow: This Spectacle Is on You, Nick Kristof

2. Dull Roar

Jay Leno’s time is finally up. At least we think so at the moment. Let’s raise a glass of warm milk to the comic even other comics can’t stand.

Esquire: Farewell To Jay Leno, The Nickelback of Comedy

3. Ice Castle

Frozen is a really terrific movie. It’s also a monster hit. As in it’s the biggest animated movie Disney’s ever produced, surpassing even The Lion King. So of course get ready to have it turned into its own mini-industry for the next several years.

Variety: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Plans: Theme Parks, Broadway, Videogames and Beyond

4. Game On

You too can be Scott Pilgrim and power-up your life, just by following a few simple steps.

The Verge: Life Is a Video Game and This Is How You Win

5. “Diga Mi Nombre”

You have to wonder whether the Cousins will come from the States.

The New Republic: Meet Walter Blanco: Behind the Scenes of ‘Breaking Bad’ en Español

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