Firefighter Arrested While Helping Injured People For Parking Violation

In a very bizarre scene caught on camera, a California firefighter was put in handcuffs  by a California Highway Patrol officer (CHP) and detained at the scene of a highway accident over the positioning of his fire truck.  The yet to be identified firefighter from Chula Vista was taken to the back of a police car after refusing the police officer’s demand that he move the fire truck from the center divider of the 805 freeway.

While there isn’t an official report out about the incident yet, the damning video evidence is incredibly difficult to explain from the perspective of the police officer. The accident, judged by the footage, seems to be fairly severe, and the fire team apparently took standard procedures to protect the injured victims. Chula Vista fire Chief Dave Henneman told U-T San Diego that firefighters positioned the truck on the center divider to protect those affected by the crash as they were being loaded into ambulances.

“I know clearing the freeway is a priority for the CHP,” Hanneman told the paper. “Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our firefighters and patients.”

Check out the footage below:

The  California Highway Patrol department and Chula Vista fire issued a joint statement later, calling it an “unfortunate incident” and “not representative of the manner in which our agencies normally work together.” It is unclear whether the police officer will face disciplinary charges over the incident.

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