WATCH: Crazy Old Woman Tells Republican Congressman Obama Should Be Executed

As you watch this clip, remind yourself to look on the bright side: this old bat will be dead soon.

During a recent town hall meeting by Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, things went a little off-track when one of the congressman’s constituents — and I’ll give you one guess as to her race and age — railed against President Obama, calling him an “enemy combatant” who should be executed and who is shipping Muslims into our country.

It won’t surprise you in the least to hear that Bridenstine — again, a sitting U.S. congressman — didn’t stop the ranting harridan in her tracks and make her understand that suggesting the president of the United States be killed wasn’t acceptable behavior. He just laughed the whole thing off. Because, of course.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you today’s Republican party in all its angry, arthritic glory.