WATCH: A Little Girl Experiencing Rain for the First Time Really Will Make Your Day

At least twice a week I find myself digging into my blog and Facebook photos and traveling back through the life of my five-year-old daughter. When they tell you that time goes by so quickly when you have a child, they’re not lying — it does. All the little moments of sweetness, laughter, and unadulterated joy become bittersweet with the realization that they’re now in the past and can never be fully recaptured. I miss my daughter anyway, since I don’t live with her — but when I realize that there was a time as she was growing that she was by my side almost constantly, and that I was there for some of her first wondrous experiences, it’s both glorious and painful.

Maybe that’s why it won’t surprise anybody to learn that this clip of a little girl’s incredible reaction to going outside in the rain made me more than a little misty. Whether you have kids or not, it’ll brighten your day. I promise you that.

Chez Pazienza was the beating heart of The Daily Banter, sadly passing away on February 25, 2017. His voice remains ever present at the Banter, and his influence as powerful as ever. 

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