THE MORNING BANTER: Christie Doubles Down, Super Bowl Ratings Soar, Coca-Cola is the New Janet Jackson, and Jeopardy Winners are Cheating

It’s Tuesday, but it sort of feels like a Wednesday. Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

1. Chris Christie Insists ‘Unequivocally’ He Had No Prior Knowledge Of Lane Closures

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie insists “unequivocally” that he had no prior knowledge of politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge last September. While answering questions as part of New Jersey 101.5’s monthly “Ask the Governor” session, Christie stood by his assertion that he first became aware of the controversy on January 8, the day that emails revealed his staff’s direct involvement in the closures.

Because at this point, all you can do is keep doubling down.

2. Super Bowl 2014 Is Most-Watched Program In US History

The 2014 Super Bowl was the most watched Super Bowl in the game’s history, Capital New York’s Alex Weprin reported Monday. The game brought in 111.5 million viewers, making it the most watched TV show in US history. Considering the game was a blowout, this just goes to show you how much we love our commercials/seeing Peyton Manning die a little right before our eyes.

3. Coca-Cola’s ‘American the Beautiful’ Commercial is the New Janet Jackson’s Nipple

Bob Cesca took on the “American the Beautiful” Coca-Cola commercial backlash. Does this make him the Justin Timberlake of this whole thing?

4. Jeopardy’s New Champion Is Basically Cheating

Three-time winner Arthur Chu is using game theory to help his chances at victory during the games, causing those that healthily obsesses over the show to freak the hell out.