THE MORNING BANTER: Seahawks Dominate, Your New Lex Luthor, “True Detective” is Must-See, and French Doesn’t Matter

Welcome back to Monday. Hope you’ve recovered from yesterday’s beer-fest and are ready for the new work week. Lord knows some of us aren’t. Here are a couple of morning headlines and goodies from around the internet.

1. Ball Busters

So, a real shocker in yesterday’s Super Bowl. For the first time in NFL history, one of the two teams didn’t even show up.

The Huffington Post: Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII With 43-8 Rout Of Broncos

2. Language Barrier

In case you weren’t paying attention, the right wing of Twitter lost its fucking mind over that multi-lingual Coke commercial during the game. It was a commercial that also, for the first time, featured a gay family. Here’s to progress.

E!: Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl Commercial Sparks Online Outrage

2. Next Luthor

Let the fanboy rage begin. This one’s gonna break the internet.

The Verge: Jesse Eisenberg Is Your New Lex Luthor

3. Watch This

Vince Gilligan was wrong: This isn’t the golden age of television — it’s the platinum age. Netflix’s masterful House of Cards returns for a second season later this month, and showrunner Beau Willimon promises that it’ll take viewers even further down the dark rabbit hole of its Washington, DC. Meanwhile, HBO’s True Detective has emerged as the best hour-long drama since Breaking Bad said its unfortunate but immensely satisfying farewell. The show transcends the realm of great television and aspires to something far more artistically minded. You don’t just watch it, you feel it in your bones; it’s a layered, beautifully acted, utterly menacing, black-hearted piece of American gothic, and each hour is mesmerizing from start to finish. If you’re not watching it — you should be.

The New York Times: The Post-Hope Politics of ‘House of Cards’

The Wall Street Journal: The Most Shocking Thing About HBO’s ‘True Detective’

4. Franco Shun

Man, the French are really gonna be pissed about this. So, yeah, prepare to quake in your boots at the thought of a bunch of angry Frenchmen.

The New Republic: Let’s Stop Pretending That French Is an Important Language

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