WATCH: World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Beats Bill Gates in 79 Seconds

Bill Gates might be the second richest man on the planet and an incredibly astute business man, but he’s a complete lightweight at chess. That is, compared with Magnus Carlsen, the world number 1 chess player who beat him in precisely 79 seconds.

Chess at Carlsen’s level is not just tactical – it’s psychological. In the clip, Carlsen moves with incredibly confidence and aggression, while Gates pauses and looks unsure of himself before moving. The game begins and it’s clear from the first couple of moves that Gates is completely out of his depth:

The match is somewhat reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s fight with Marvis Frazier (son of Joe Frazier) in 1986. A lethal, destructive killer went in with a fairly decent pro, with the outcome being a foregone conclusion. As commentator Alex Wallau said before the fight “It is not a matter of if Mike Tyson knocks out Marvis Frazier, but it’s just a matter of when“.

30 seconds after the opening bell, Marvis Frazier lay unconscious on the canvass.

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