THE MORNING BANTER: Snowden Come Home, Goodfellas Arrest, Revisiting “Thief,” and Planet Hillary

It’s Friday and the weekend’s almost here. While you’re waiting for it to begin, here are a couple of headlines and internet tidbits to kill time.

1. Ed Could

In the wake of yesterday’s self-important online circle jerk between Edward Snowden and his slobbering acolytes, Eric Holder is talking about a potential resolution to the whole situation. He says clemency for Snowden is out of the question, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to discussions that would bring everyone’s favorite hero hacker back to the U.S.

NBC News: Clemency for Snowden “too far,” but Holder Open To Resolution

2. Mob Justice

“Lufthansa should have been our ultimate score. The heist of a lifetime. Six million in cash. More than enough to go around.”

The New York Times: As Seen in “Goodfellas”: Arrest Is Made in ’78 Lufthansa Robbery

3. Pre-Heat

Michael Mann’s crime films all have certain elements in common: stunning visuals, contemplative tough guys, the line “time is luck” (seriously, that’s in at least three separate movies), and of course no shortage of violence. 1981’s Thief was the film that started it all, not only setting the tone for Mann’s later work but influencing a whole slew of gritty yet stylish crime movies that came in its wake. With the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray just released, a look back is in order.

Vulture: To Understand the Modern Crime Film Watch Thief

4. Corey On

The only piece on Justin Bieber’s recent troubles that I’ll ever ask you to read. Unlike the author, I couldn’t care less what happens to Bieber, but the parallels he draws here are pretty damn spot-on.

Slate: Justin Bieber Should Watch This Weird, Sad, 1989 Corey Haim Video Diary

5. Wrecking Ball

New York Magazine’s insanely nightmarish “Planet Hillary” cover was begging to be photoshopped right from the start. As expected, the internet hasn’t disappointed.

Happy Place: Photoshopping “Planet Hillary” Into Oblivion

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