The Daily Banter Launches “THE WORLD BANTER”!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we are announcing the launch of a revolutionary new website that transcends the online publishing world and pushes the boundaries of what is possible on the internet.

After much internal discussion, we figured out that the world needs a new site that looks exactly like our current site, but which features dynamic thought leadership inspiration from extremely wealthy people.

So, without further ado, let us introduce “THE WORLD BANTER”!!!!!

The new site will function the same way The Daily Banter does, and you won’t need to visit a different website. While the reader won’t see all that much difference, we have lots and lots of wealthy and important people behind the project, making it completely and 100% legit.

This is not an attempt to attract wealthier readers in order to get higher advertising rates, take money from non-profits, or expand our rolodex of powerful people. It is a bold initiative to address global poverty, lack of leadership around the world, and dispel myths that regular people can sort their own problems out.

We need rich people to tell us what to do, and we’re giving them a platform to do it!!!