Russian Youth Poll Shows Hitler More Popular than Vladimir Putin

Russian website ‘The Insider’ has reported on a rather disturbing political poll by the network “VKontakte” on the attitudes of Russia’s youth.

The poll surveyed more than 360,000 people under the age of 34 (most of whom were under 24), and revealed that Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin are more popular than current Russian president Vladimir Putin.

There haven’t been any direct translations of the poll thus far, but the google translated version of ‘The Insider’ piece is very clear. Here’s the poll, in the original Russian:

And here’s the Google translated summary of the chart above (once a translated chart is released, we will update this piece):

In answering this question left is obviously chose Che Guevara (35.7%) and Stalin (28%), moderate right – Stolypin (33.9%), the nationalists – Hitler (25.3%). Anarchists among youth was not so much, as is sometimes thought: Makhno scored 12% and Trotsky and even less – 7.1%. Sympathetic Putin scored 14%, almost twice less than Hitler. Also surprised that Stalin without markups and fraud lost Stolypin.”

It’s not all doom and gloom for Vlad, as a second poll shows Hitler is more disliked than Putin too:

Hitler and former President Boris Yeltsin topped the poll with 46.2% of the vote, and Putin came in a respectable 2nd with 44.6%, a whopping 1.6% points behind one the greatest mass-murderers in history.

Go Putin!!

(h/t Mark Ames)

(Correction: I initially reported that Boris Yeltsin came in 2nd behind Adolf Hitler in the second poll. Both got 46.2%)

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