NOW HEAR THIS: A Broadway Star Reinvents Herself as a More Ferocious Adele

Most of the stars of the Tony award-winning 2006 Broadway musical Spring Awakening went on to big things. John Gallagher Jr. stars as Jim Harper on The Newsroom; Jonathan Groff does the voice of Kristoff in Frozen and is the star of the new HBO series Looking; and Lea Michele is, well, Lea Michele. But among the primary vocalists in the show, my favorite was always Lauren Pritchard. To me, she was a revelation — her breathy, husky, voice both sultry and vulnerable — and I always wanted to see her do something post-Spring Awakening that brought her talent to the masses.

She released a solo album a few years back of mostly singer-songwriter-type stuff; I liked it a lot but it didn’t make much of a splash. But now she’s reinvented herself — and while I’d normally give that kind of thing the side-eye, believing it to be contrived and insincere, in her case I’ll give it a pass because a) she deserves a shot at success, and b) her new material is pretty damn good.

Lauren Pritchard is now going by the stage name Lolo, and her music is bluesy, soulful and occasionally fierce indie pop. (Think a more rough-and-tumble Adele.) And this song, in particular, is already getting quite a bit of buzz, which, when you hear it, won’t surprise you at all.

Here’s Heard It from a Friend.

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