THE MORNING BANTER: Maddow’s Alternate Christie Theory, More Music Synced To “The Wizard of Oz,” and “The Simpsons”‘ Tribute To Anime

It’s Friday and you’re probably itching to get out the door and begin your weekend, so here are a few morning headlines and some general reading material to help make the day go by faster.

1. Payback

Look for another day of Chris Christie sweating like he’s spent five minutes on a Stairmaster as we enter day three of “Bridgeghazi: Fort Lee No Longer Held Hostage” (now with subpoena power). If you’ve been paying attention to this story and you figured, even taking into account how audaciously stupid the behavior of Christie’s cronies was, that the idea of political retribution against a nobody mayor of a small Jersey town made no sense whatsoever, then you’re thinking like Rachel Maddow. Last night on her show, she asked some open-ended questions and advanced a potential alternate theory of why Fort Lee was targeted and while it hasn’t been anywhere near confirmed, it’s admittedly fascinating. It’s worth mentioning that without proof, as with all outlandish theories, it amounts to nothing — but given how outlandish this entire thing is it actually makes more sense than the rationale we’ve heard so far for why the Christie administration’s petty vendetta was undertaken. And besides — there is no official word on this. Christie says he fired Bridget Kelly without asking why she did what she did.

MSNBC: An Alternate Theory of the Chris Christie Scandal

2. Damage Control

It can be done. But it won’t be easy.

The National Journal: How Chris Christie Can Save His Career

3. You and Whose Army of Flying Monkeys?

Sure, you know about the endless psychedelic joy to be had syncing The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, but what do you do halfway through the movie when the album ends? You find something else to sync up to it and continue your trip down the yellow brick road.

Fark: Radiohead’s Amnesiac Syncs Up To The Wizard of Oz. Mind. Blown.

4. Homer’s Moving Castle

Finally, on this Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, the show pays very loving tribute to Japanese anime legend Hayao Miyazaki. Here’s a sample: