UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed: Watch A Polar Bear Take Its First Steps

Welcome to the first installment of The Daily Banter’s UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed!

Tagline: “You’re Going To Watch It, You Might As Well Watch It Here

Look, we all have our vices.

We smoke, we drink, we eat junkfood. It’s part of being a red-blooded AMERICAN. And while we may try to curb these habits, especially at the start of a new year, there is one bad habit that we’re never going to shake…

Looking at dumb shit on the internet.

Earlier today I saw that the Huffington Post had posted an article with the title “Polar Bear Cub’s First Steps At Toronto Zoo Are Wobbly And Adorable.” I tried to resist. I tried to remember my journalistic integrity and the article I myself wrote about Huffington Post’s infuriating tendency to post non-news link bait. But goddammit of course I clicked the link and aww’ed and ooh’ed over the adorable baby polar bear. And of course I sent it to Daily Banter head honcho Ben so he could see what I was melting over.

I’m only human. And so are you.

You’re going to want to watch polar bear cubs sometimes. You’re going to want to see a news-reporter accidentally say penis on live air. And we at The Daily Banter don’t want to stop you.

So we’re going to house all the dumb, entertaining, mind-numbing, adorable, worthless, priceless viral videos that we come across in a safe place called UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed. We know this is manipulative and we know that you’re going to hate yourself for wasting an hour of your life looking at puppies play with kittens, but at least we’re being honest about it.

Plus how freakin’ cute is this polar bear cub?