WATCH: A Christian Preacher Loses His Mind Over MTV2’s “Wonder Showzen”

Wonder Showzen, which ran on MTV2 for one year back in the mid aughts, was less a comedy show than it was a form of cultural terrorism. It was one of the ballsiest things anybody’s put on television in decades, a surreal act of unapologetic provocation that took what could be the last and most sacrosanct taboo in America — children — and played it for one big, sick punchline. The result was a twisted funhouse mirror satire of Sesame Street that was absolutely not for kids and which occasionally bordered on being downright sociopathic.

It was inappropriate. It was wrong. But dear fucking God was it funny.

So of course if you’re a fire-and-brimstone Christian preacher there’s no way you were going to get the kind of misanthropic joke Wonder Showzen was. On the contrary, you were going to think it was pure, unrelenting evil, conjured by Satan himself.

I assume this is several years old, but still — it is glorious.

I swear, it’s so perfect it almost makes you wonder if the Wonder Showzen people created it themselves. Either way, it’s what they would’ve wanted.

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