THE MORNING BANTER: Republican vs. Republican, Objectivity Matters, Profiting from Your Rage, and the View from Above

The holiday season is officially over and that means that if you have a job there’s a pretty good chance you’re back at it today. Here’s what’s going on in the world as well as some other assorted reading material to soften the blow.

1. I’m With Against Stupid

Grab the popcorn. The GOP eating itself is becoming a contact sport.

The Huffington Post: Peter King Says Rand Paul Doesn’t Deserve His Spot in the Senate

2. Fair Point

We’ve been saying for a while here that while it’ll be a dream come true for his own titanium ego, the new venture that’s going to remove all oversight and restriction from Glenn Greenwald should effectively make him little more than a curiosity in journalism. That’s because he’s his own worst enemy and left to his own devices his work will likely descend into nothing more than a lot of unreliable partisan haranguing (if it isn’t already). That said, Greenwald’s proprietary licensing of Edward Snowden and his NSA goody bag has managed to drag quite a few otherwise reputable outlets into the thick of his ethical morass. This is why objectivity — or at least a healthy respect for being fair — matters so much.

The National Journal: How Edward Snowden Turned Unwitting Journalists Into Activists

3. Petty Hate Machine

I’ve made it clear quite a few times how I feel about incessant internet outrage. Here’s someone who explains why the angrier you get over something “offensive” you see in media — and the more you rant about it to your friends online — the more the people offending you are often laughing in your face. Yes, the title of the piece is inflammatory — and that’s exactly the point.

Pubshare: Feminists Need To Shut Up, for Their Own Sake

4. Watch This

This is actually from last week, but if you haven’t read it it’s well worth your time. Ever wonder how the hell Netflix gets so insanely specific with the genres it suggests for you? Not only is the answer fascinating, but the technology behind it — which has tagged thousands of films and cataloged millions of choices — is now being used by Netflix to produce its own entertainment aimed directly at what audiences want.

The Atlantic: How Netflix Reverse-Engineered Hollywood

5. The View from Above

Cue up Thus Spoke Zarathustra and behold.

Wired: The Most Mind-Blowing Space Photos of 2013

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