Debating Conservatives on Minimum Wage, Duck Dynasty, and America’s Threat to the World

I went on the Thom Hartmann show last Friday to debate Matt Purple of The American Spectator and conservative commentator Kris Ullman on Medicaid expansion, the minimum wage, America’s threat to the world, and the Duck Dynasty.

I don’t post these vids too often – only when the debate is worth watching. Last week’s verbal fisticuffs was actually quite interesting as I think the debate on the minimum wage exposed my conservative colleagues true motivations behind their fight to keep working people well below the poverty line. I don’t think Matt or Kris are bad people, but I do think their politics reveals a pretty callous attitude towards those least able to defend themselves. The fact is,  46.5 million Americans live below the poverty line – an insane number given the US is the wealthiest nation to have ever existed. While free markets and low wage labor works well for those with capital, it’s a system that produces massive inequality and huge amounts of uncertainty and stability for much of the work force. The trend is continuing virtually unabated, and I think the best way to stop it is to make sure people understand the arguments surrounding it.

The debate kicks off with the expansion of Medicaid, which is also worth checking out as the conservative arguments really don’t add up when tested against reality:

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