Super Stupid: Fox News Channel Host Says Ice in Antarctica Proves ‘Global Cooling’

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the scientific prowess of Fox News and Fox Business Channel host Stuart Varney:

“All 52 passengers aboard the research vessel stranded in the Antarctic ice have been rescued. The ship, sent to the Antarctic to study climate change has been stranded in the ice for ten days. Attempts to rescue the passengers using ice breaker ships failed. Rescuers finally got through using a whopping great big helicopter, though it was landing on the supposedly very thin ice. They’re all out, okay? So it looks to me like we’re looking at global cooling — forget this global warming. That’s just my opinion.”

Do I need to write it? Fine. There’s always ice in Antarctica. Doy.

Around and around we go. This story aside, every year whenever it snows, the usual suspects emerge with the ridiculous argument: it’s snowing in New York or Chicago, therefore global warming is a hoax/fraud/not-man-made, etc.

So here’s a little geography for Fox News hosts: the northern parts of the U.S. are not the globe. And, overall, global warming is measured by global temperature averages. Not by weather in Minnesota or Pennsylvania. Again, the globe — as in the whole world.

It might also surprise Varney, Drudge and Hannity to learn that in November, global temperature averages were the highest ever recorded.

Anyway, note to Varney: it’s 83-degrees in Hawaii today. In January! By Varney’s own logic, he has to concede global warming is real.

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