THE MORNING BANTER: Turkey Problems, Powerful Photos, Nintendo Failures, and Christmas Deaths

It’s now 364 days until Christmas, so you can stop humming that Mariah Carey song constantly. Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

1. Turkish Prime Minister Reshuffles Cabinet Amidst Corruption Scandal And Resignations

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday after three members quit over a corruption scandal that has posed an unprecedented challenge to his 11-year rule. My mom said she relates, citing that the hardest part of the holidays is trying to deal with all the turkey leftovers.

2. 100 Most Powerful Moments of 2013 in Photos

Mashable released their 100 Most Powerful Moments of 2013 in Photos list. Unfortunately, none of them are GIFs so no one will pay attention to them.

3. Nintendo’s eShop and Miiverse Services Fail on Christmas Morning

Families all over the world this Christmas morning are opening brand new gaming consoles, but those families that chose to buy a Wii U and/or a 3DS will be let down when they find out that Nintendo’s eShop and Miiverse are on the fritz. This means you can’t download games from the eShop, redeem download codes for digital games packaged with new consoles, or meet millions of fellow Nintendo fans on the Miiverse.

Children everywhere have declared this the worst Christmas ever and are adamant that they don’t even care about the Iron Man toys they got.

4. Man Killed While Hanging Holiday Lights Was Planning ‘Winter Wonderland’ Proposal

Jason Byrnes was raising an extension ladder and hit the power line above his girlfriend’s home in North Beach while trying to hang Christmas lights. He was going to surprise his girlfriend by proposing, but now he is dead. This has been your reminder that Christmas is over, we have a long winter ahead, and some of us aren’t going to make it.