The 2013 Daily Banter Awards!!!

2013 was a tough year. In what future historians may well call the last throes of the American Empire, the Republican Party almost shut down the government over providing health care to the poor, ‘neighborhood watchman’ George Zimmerman murdered an unarmed black teenager for running away from him, and Miley Cyrus plunged to new, unseen depths of cultural depravity with a cynically planned display of public pornography disguised as dancing.

We had a merry old time covering the furthering descent into madness here at The Daily Banter, and even caused a bit of controversy ourselves. Bob Cesca created a huge surge of interest in the site with his critical coverage of the Edward Snowden leaks, defying the reactionary left by criticizing Glenn Greenwald and the Guardian for failing to disclose key findings from the NSA leaks. Chez Pazienza got fired for plagiarizing a plagiarized Rand Paul speech (and then got hired back after our numbers plummeted), and we also got into a Twitter fight with Roseanne Barr over a ludicrous open letter she wrote to Congress, who then told us unceremoniously to ‘suck her c*ck’.

There was lots more, so much more that we decided to have our readers vote on what they thought the best bits of 2013 were.

So here we have it….

The 2013 Daily Banter Awards!

Click above to VOTE! Leave suggestions and don’t be (too) mean to Chez! Results go up on Monday the 30th.

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