WATCH: Mitt Romney Teary-Eyed on Election Night in New Netflix Documentary

Here’s the trailer for the forthcoming Netflix documentary titled Mitt, premiering next month. And I have to say, I’m totally hooked.

One thing’s for sure: the Romneys were fully aware of what it means to be the candidate who lost a presidential election. “A loser for life,” Romney said. Then this from his son: “The country may think of you as a laughing stock…” Wow. Harsh.

It’s also interesting to see how aware Romney was of being a flip-flopper on a wide range of issues, but he realized that he’ll never be able to convince voters otherwise.

And kids — never mind what Romney did with the clothes iron. Do not attempt to iron your clothes while you’re, you know, wearing them.

By the way, in Romney’s defense on the crying thing, if I went through all of that crap — three years of madness –and lost, I would be inconsolable.

But I’m still thrilled that he lost.

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