Cable News Ignores New & Improved ACA Enrollment Numbers, Fox News Makes Stuff Up

You might not have heard about it, but Health and Human Services (HHS) released new enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act yesterday (pdf).

From October 1 through November 30, more than 3.6 million Americans applied for health coverage under the ACA while just over 2.3 million Americans have been processed and are eligible to buy an insurance policy through either the federal marketplace at or through a state-based marketplace. 362,683 Americans have already selected a plan with the remaining 1.9 million undecided.

An additional 803,000 Americans have enrolled in either the newly expanded Medicaid program (where available) or the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

So what were some of the top front-page headlines on right-wing blogs yesterday? “We were wrong about Obamacare enrollment?” Not a chance in hell.

Hot Air:George W. Bush sends letter of support to Alabama kicker after Iron Bowl

Breitbart:Exclusive: Girl Scouts Scrub ‘Homopunk’ Spokesman from Press Page

Townhall:Poll: 75 Percent Say Celebrate Christmas in Public Schools

Fox Nation:Chris Matthews Defends “Thrill Up My Leg” Line

The Blaze:How Google’s Autocomplete Feature Allegedly Ruined a Man’s Life and Resulted in a $60 Million Lawsuit Against the Gov’t

I think you get the idea. And of course they’d never cover anything successful about the Affordable Care Act. To expect anything more would be naive.

And what about the major cable news networks — the same networks that collectively instigated the total loss of America’s shpadoinkle following the lower-than-expected ACA enrollment numbers in October, not to mention the glitchy website?

CNN:The result of ‘affluenza’? Teenager given probation for DUI wreck that killed 4

MSNBC:‘Fake’ interpreter at Mandela event angers deaf community


Fox News Channel:Email to Capitol Hill staffers: Don’t trust ObamaCare enrollment info

Wait — what was that last one? “Email to Capitol Hill staffers: Don’t trust ObamaCare enrollment info.”

It appears the only cable news website to lead with something related to the new ACA enrollment numbers was Fox News Channel, but it did so in the context of brewing up another conspiracy theory not unlike the conspiracy theory about the September 2012 employment numbers, the Obamacare numbers are fake, fake, fake. The Obama HHS is faking it. Again.

But that was just the headline. If you actually click the link and read the story, it has nothing to do with the enrollment numbers. Based on the headline, it sounds like the administration lied to Congress about the new enrollment numbers. But that’s not what the story is about. At all.

The lede refers to a mysterious email warning about the personal enrollment status of congressional staffers on “the Obamacare exchange website,” but a few paragraphs later, Fox News reveals that it’s actually the DC Healthlink site, which is the exchange website for Washington, DC. DC Healthlink is an entirely different site than the site. Duh.

By the way, the so-called email is sourced to… no one. Not even an unnamed HHS or DC Healthlink official.

So the headline appears to be about the “enrollment info,” ostensibly to make it seem like the administration is lying again. Surprise, surprise, it’s Fox News Channel lying about the ACA again.

The ACA news media narrative remains unchanged. Bad news about Obamacare is newsworthy. Good news about Obamacare is buried, if reported at all. And Fox News continues to make stuff up.

Your liberal media.

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