Now Hear This (Best of 2013): Chvrches Had One of the Best Albums of the Year

We’re winding down our look at some of the really good music released this past year, because the official countdown of the 25 Best Singles of 2013 begins in two days.

Scottish trio Chvrches had one of the very best songs of 2012 with Lies, a debut that just knocked it out of the park toward South America. That whet the world’s appetite for their first EP, which was released back in March, followed by a full-length album, in September. While Lies was easily the strongest track on the latter offering, dwarfing everything else, overall the album was still a near-masterpiece of synth-pop.

From both records, this is Recover.

And a little bonus: While technically Lies was released last year as a standalone single, it’s now being rereleased to promote the full album. It’s a massive track that’s almost impossible to get tired of, so here it is with a brand new video. Seriously — just love the hell out of this song.

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