World Net Daily’s Poll Results on Mandela’s Legacy Are Predictably Awful

World Net Daily is the black hole at the center of galactic wingnuttia. And its online reader poll on the “life and work” of Nelson Mandela is going just about as you’d expect (see below).

Leading the pack with 69 percent of the vote is the response: “He was a violent communist revolutionary who never should have been released from prison.”

Coming in at a distant second is, weirdly, “Mandela was the quintessence of political correctness.” Get it? Because he’s — sshh! — he’s black. I assume this response occupies second place to mitigate any racial backlash from the top vote-getter about Mandela being a communist terrorist who should’ve died in jail. Challenge that one and you’re just being PC, you libtard white-guilt Obama-lover.

With three percent of the vote is, Uh-oh, here comes the race war! “I fear his influence that prevented a racial bloodbath has died with him.”

Of course, in last place with zero percent of the vote: “He was a beloved hero of both South Africa and the world.”

The ultimate irony is the “IN MEMORIAM” header. Yeah, rest in peace, Mandela, now prepare to be trashed and smeared by our racist and sociopathic readers.

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