The Most Vile and Racist Commenter Reactions to Mandela’s Death

While reading various articles about the life and passing of Nelson Mandela, curiosity got the best of me and I perused various right-wing blogs. The majority of the comments at Town Hall, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and, of course, were predictably awful.

Within an hour or so of the man’s death, these commenters simply couldn’t restrain themselves and took to their overworked spittle-smeared keyboards to anonymously trash the legacy and personal character of this transformational, historic leader.

We begin with Town Hall where “Ken2896” can’t figure out what Mandela did that was so great.

Below, commenter “deleeuw” reflected a common theme among many commenters: Mandela was somehow a terrorist. And “Jack42” brings us the inevitable “distraction from Obamacare” meme.

Moving to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze (and with apologies to Ben Cohen’s weekly Comment Porn post), the proceedings got even worse.

Commenter “nikalseyn” thinks Mandela should’ve been “hung” (I think he/she meant “hanged”) for being an “admitted terrorist.”

“Mrstirfry99” thinks Obama is grateful to have “a distraction from his lawlessness.”

“Grimmster” wrote that blacks destroyed South Africa — you know, by demanding and receiving equality. And by the way, black leaders are all failures. But nooo, that can’t possibly be racist.

And “Ari Ben Tzion” should tell us how he really feels.

And finally we reach the bottom of the barrel. Yes, the sociopaths in the Brietbart comment section here were firing on all cylinders.

Commenter “budgreen” is busting with ecstasy.

“John Lucy” is also thrilled about the death of a so-called “racist” (??) and “terrorist.”

And, yes, there were plenty of n-bombs throughout, like this one:

South America?

Indeed nothing is “too soon” on the internet, even when it comes to the death of an (almost) universally respected and revered leader who brought racial equality to one of the most notoriously segregated nations in the modern world. And for his good deeds he must be smeared, slandered and destroyed, even in death, by the impotent rage of a cowardly, hateful, screeching mob. Shame on them all.

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