Quote of the Day: Rick Santorum’s Comment on Nelson Mandela Is the Psychic Equivalent of Hitting Yourself Repeatedly in the Head with a Phone Book

“Nelson Mandela stood up against a great injustice and was willing to pay a huge price for that. That’s the reason he’s mourned today, because of that struggle that he performed… I mean, what he was advocating for was not necessarily the right answer, but he was fighting against some great injustice, and I would make the argument that we have a great injustice going on right now in this country with an ever-increasing size of government that is taking over and controlling people’s lives, and Obamacare is front and center in that.”

— Rick Santorum, discussing the death of Nelson Mandela last night on Fox News

Let me think for a second and see if there’s anything I can possibly say about this.

Nope. Sorry. I got nothin’.

Chez Pazienza was the beating heart of The Daily Banter, sadly passing away on February 25, 2017. His voice remains ever present at the Banter, and his influence as powerful as ever.