Now Hear This (Best of 2013): Sky Ferreira’s “Night Time” Is Pitch Black

Our look back at some of the best music of 2013 marches on, all leading up to the countdown of the 25 Best Singles of 2013.

What to make of Sky Ferreira? She’s had a hell of a year. Coming off 2012’s really spectacular and surprising EP, Ghosts, she recorded a full-length record, the cover of which was easily one of the most provocative of the year. (It wasn’t so much her nudity as it was the frailty and creepy unspoken sense of violation.)

Just before the album was released, Sky and her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV were arrested for heroin and ecstasy possession, officially cementing her reputation as either a wild child or little-girl-lost, depending on your point of view. As for the album itself, though — it really did fulfill the promise of Ghosts. On record, Sky is part Shirley Manson, part Cat Power, all of it filtered through the weaponized sensuality of someone who’s barely 21.

Most of the record was eminently listenable, but it was the title track that closed the album where Sky Ferreira, ironically, shined. I say ironically because the song was in fact pitch black and oozing sexual menace which built slowly to a climactic thrum of near-industrial white noise. It actually felt like fucking on ecstasy.

Here’s Night Time, My Time.

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