The Unofficial Guide to the Best Monty Python Sketches of All Time

The last time Monty Python played together was in 1980 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. With the news that they are staging a comeback, the legendary comedians are back in the spotlight – and about time too. They are undoubtedly the greatest troupe in the history of the genre, responsible for spawning the next three generations of comedy, and some of funniest sketches ever.  How good were the Pythons? Put it this way, their show in the O2 Arena in London sold out in 43.5 seconds.

Here at the Banter HQ, we’ve been discussing which sketches were the funniest – a hard task given the hours of hilarity they bestowed upon us. Here’s our unofficial guide tot the best Monty Python sketches of all time.

The Silly Olympics

The Argument Clinic

The Dead Parrot sketch

The Ministry of Silly Walks sketch

‘Life of Brian’ stoning scene

‘The Holy Grail’ Black Knight fight scene

‘Life of Brian’ Ending scene

‘Life of Brian’ What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us? Scene

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