You Know How You Secretly Hate All Of Your “Friends” On Facebook? There’s An App For That

You know how you actually hate most of your “friends” on Facebook?

Well since they’ll never know that you’re hiding their dumb baby pictures or useless status updates from your newsfeed, there’s now a great new way to let them know how much you dislike them:

Hate With Friends

Yes, the twisted, angry cousin to the much ballyhooed Bang With Friends is here. Much like Bang With Friends, all you need to do is grant the app access to your account, start hating away, and if one of your “friends” hates you back, you’ll get a nice message from HateWithFriends letting you know that you and that loudmouth asshole you hung out with for like ONE semester in college actually despise each other.

From there, your options include but aren’t limited to:

  • pretending like you don’t actually hate each other and continuing to live in blissful denial

  • stewing in the knowledge that someone, somewhere hates your guts

  • defriending said person before they defriend you

  • confronting the person, talking out your issues, and coming to a mutual respect for and understanding of one another

  • confronting the person, resorting to childish name-calling, and making hyperbolic physical threats that you won’t act upon

And while all of these sound like great options, how about we just all decide to collectively pass on this one so that we can keep Facebook the troll-free positivity center for open thought and communication that it is currently?