The Conspiracy Theory That’s Too Crazy for Alex Jones

Some of Alex Jones’ most ridiculous conspiracy theories include the following: the Boston Marathon bombing was staged by the government as a false flag; so was 9/11; so was the Navy Yard shooting. The government, he once said, is lacing juice boxes with estrogen to turn Americans into homosexuals. He also thinks the government is using “weather weapons” to manipulate tornadoes.

Pretty damn crazy.

But today, a post appeared on his website in which one of Jones’ staffers debunked the fledgling conspiracy theory that actor Paul Walker’s car exploded due to a drone strike. Yes, there’s really a conspiracy theory that Walker was killed by a drone. Walker Truthers exist, and Alex Jones disapproves.

InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson wrote that the “baseless conspiracy discredits real evidence of political assassinations” — yes, like Michael Hastings. Walker isn’t a conspiracy theory because it discredits the conspiracy theory that Hastings, an investigative reporter, was really — seriously this time — killed by the government.

But it’s hilarious that this theory discredits the other theories — theories such as shape-shifting lizard people from outer space influencing Earth events, or chemtrails, or cyclotronic warfare, etc.

What’s even funnier are the comments under the post in which Jones’ disciples guffaw at the theory as if it’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard. Yes, they’ve drawn a line in the tinfoil and declared the Walker theory to be way, way unrealistic. One commenter wrote, “Okay, now people are just being plain paranoid.”

The drone strike thing is just being paranoid. But shape-shifting lizard people from outer space? Deadly serious.

Yeah, but what if the Walker/Drone conspiracy theory is, itself, a conspiracy by the government to humiliate conspiracy theorists? What about that? Perhaps Jones should look into it.

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