Now Hear This (Best of 2013): The Lone Bellow

We’re continuing our look at some of the best music of 2013, leading up to the official countdown of the Best Singles of 2013, which begins next week.

If someone told you that there’s a band from Brooklyn doing Southern-influenced country rock, you’d probably just chalk it up to another case of hipsters co-opting a foreign sound for the sake of detached irony — of maybe a chance for a bunch of kids to grow full beards and feel that it’s somehow appropriate for a change. You’d be wrong on both counts.

Released way back in January, the Lone Bellow’s debut album was rife with sincere exuberance that often belied the tragedy that led to the music’s creation. Frontman Zach Williams’s wife was nearly paralyzed in a horseback riding accident, and that’s reportedly what led him to pick up a guitar and begin writing songs. Soon after, he and his new, minimalist band picked up producer Charlie Peacock and the rest, as they say, is history.

This track from the Lone Bellow’s self-titled debut was the kind of thing you truly felt from start to finish and it just as easily could have come from West Virginia or old-school Nashville rather than Brooklyn.

Here’s You Never Need Nobody.

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