Quote of the Day: This Is Fox News on Drugs

“The experience of going to Fox News on pot cookies is — I’ve never been more scared and bored in my life.”

— Comedian Joe Mande on his visit to a taping of Huckabee while high off his ass

Mande and his Totally J/K co-host Noah Garfinkel apparently dressed up, got high, then sat in the studio audience for Huckabee. Their story about the experience is the best thing you’ll read all day.

Anyone who’s ever been out-of-their-mind baked or tripping balls knows: you don’t look into the mirror — ever. Well, multiply the reason for that rule by about a thousand and you’ll begin to understand just some of what Mande and Garfinkel put themselves through.

Plus, look at that face and imagine staring at it completely fucked-up for an hour, surrounded by 50 harrumphing Republicans.

I’d still be in a psych ward.