Now Hear This: Thirty Seconds To Mars Are Better Acoustic

Thirty Seconds To Mars debuted in 2002 with frontman Jared Leto refusing to show his face during any promotion for it, specifically because he didn’t want his celebrity status to influence anyone’s opinion of the band. Clever move or not, the debut wasn’t bad — not great, but not bad at all.

The band’s second record, though, 2005’s A Beautiful Lie, cast off all attempts at hiding Leto and whether that had anything at all to do with the more fiery approach the group adopted hardly matters: the music was much more confident and a hell of a lot better overall.

They’ve never really hit that same stride again, mostly because Leto now wants so badly to be U2 that he overloads their music with anthemic bombast, but there’s no denying that he and his bandmates have talent to burn and they’ve carved out quite a niche for themselves in alt-rock.

City of Angels, the most recent single from Thirty Seconds, is standard fare from the band, but stripped down to mostly piano and vocals it’s actually a much better song.

Here’s the piano version of City of Angels.

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