Mississippi Woman Shot in Church By Man With Concealed Weapon

Question: How do you stop people from getting shot in church? Do you:

a) Stop people taking guns to church

b) Pray that people with guns in church don’t accidentally shoot fellow worshippers.

c) Bring more guns to church

If you answered ‘b’ or ‘c’, congratulations! You are a real American. If you answered ‘a’, you need to pack up your shit and go back to Sweden or whichever Goddam communist country you came from. From Raw Story:

A Mississippi man with an “enhanced” concealed carry permit was arrested over the weekend for discharging a firearm inside city limits after he accidentally hit a woman with a shell in church when his gun discharged.

Churchgoers at Pinelake Church in Rankin County were preparing for service on Sunday morning when the 9mm handgun in Joseph Edgar Ray’s pocket discharged while he was sitting down, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

Flowood Police Department Lt. Ricky McMillian told the paper that the bullet lodged in the concrete floor and a woman was hit by the shell. WAPT also reported that “[f]ragments from the bullet shell grazed a woman nearby.” WJTV’s report said that the shell “barely broke skin.”

“It did hit a lady in the leg but it didn’t break her skin so the lady wasn’t hurt,” McMillian noted. “Even though it was an accident, we recognize the seriousness of the situation… Worst case scenario, is it goes off and someone dies.”

According to Raw Story, the Church has a sign saying that “Carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited”, but Ray will argue that he “had an “enhanced” carry permit that allowed him to ignore signs prohibiting guns, except in some places like schools and courtrooms.”

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