Now Hear This: Esthero Returns After Eight Years

For reasons no one will ever understand, years ago Jenny-Bea Englishman decided that she actually needed a stage name and so settled on the comparatively boring “Esthero.” She started off by being the female voice in the Black Eyed Peas, back when they were Fergie-less and a pretty decent neo-soul hip-hop act, and eventually branched out on her own. Her debut album had a really nice sound to it but it took her seven years to release another full album. And after that, eight years.

Which brings us to now and her new record, the one eight years in the making, titled Everything Is Expensive. It marks a pretty serious change in her sound, which to be honest I’m not sure how thrilled I am about. But there is one song on the record that has the familiar lush sweetness that was so captivating almost 15 years ago, and that’s the title track.

Here’s Everything Is Expensive.

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