U.S. Reaches Nuclear Accord with Iran; Includes Suspension of Enrichment, Inspections

The White House has announced an historic deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program. The deal would freeze the nation’s nuclear program and, according to officials, would permit inspections inside the so-called “axis of evil” nation. In exchange, the United States would relax economic sanctions.

Reports Talking Points Memo:

A deal has been reached between six world powers and Iran that calls on Tehran to limit its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief, the French and Iranian foreign ministers said early Sunday.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “Yes, we have a deal,” as he walked past reporters crowding the hotel lobby where marathon negotiations had taken place over the past five days.

Asked if there was a deal, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said “Yes” and gave a thumbs-up sign.

The goal had been to hammer out an agreement to freeze Iran’s nuclear program for six months, while offering the Iranians limited relief from crippling economic sanctions. If the interim deal holds, the parties will negotiate final-stage agreements to ensure Iran does not build nuclear weapons.

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