Morning Banter: Coked Out Congressmen, Hip-Hop Reunions, Gender Presentations, and George W. Bush’s Paintings

Hey Mike, hey Mike, hey Mike. You know what day it is? Yeah you do. It’s Hump Day! Woo woo!

The best stories of the internet for ya:

1. Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., was caught buying drugs as part of a federal investigation into a Washington, D.C., drug ring last month and is being charged with cocaine possession, according to a senior Drug Enforcement Administration official. After being caught, Radel shouted, “Bitch set me up!” only for the police to reply, “We’ve heard that one before…”

Rep. Trey Radel busted in cocaine sting

2. After years of fruitless rumors swirling around the water coolers of the internet, the legendary hip-hop duo OutKast has officially confirmed that they will be reuniting for a 2014 tour. They have also confirmed that shaking Polaroid pictures is actually not recommended when waiting for them to develop.

OutKast To Reunite In 2014 

3. Inspired by a job interviewer’s reaction to her gender presentation, artist Coco Layne released a photography series called “Warpaint” that explores the ways in which small changes in hair styles, makeup, and clothing interact with identity, perception, and queer visibility. Apparently, the interviewer was taken aback by Layne’s donning of full Maori war paint during the interview.

Here’s What Happened When One Queer Woman Dressed More Feminine For Her Job 

4. Former President George W. Bush showed off one of his paintings and poked fun of his post-White House years on the “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno on Tuesday. The 43rd president said that he was inspired to take up painting after reading a Winston Churchill essay, and when he hired an instructor for weekly lessons, he said he told her “There’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body. Your job is to find it.” He then immediately began working on a shrink ray so that he could go find the Rembrandt trapped in his body.

George W. Bush Shows off Paintings With Jay Leno 

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