Introducing New Banter Writer (And Whole Foods Survivor) Kelly MacLean!

If you’ve a) been to Whole Foods, b) read the internet, you’ve probably heard of Kelly MacLean – the stand up comic, actress and writer from Los Angeles who penned what has to be the funniest column of the year, “Surviving Whole Foods” at the Huff Post. “Whole Foods is like Vegas,” Kelly recounted. “You go there to feel good but you leave broke, disoriented, and with the newfound knowledge that you have a vaginal disease.”

As admirers of unyielding snark and dark humor, we knew we had to have Kelly come on board here at the Banter.

So starting today, Kelly will be contributing a feature piece and an advice column every week, doling out nuggets of wisdom and hilarity to our readers and joining our growing roster of ultra talented writers.

Make sure to check out her first post for us, “How to Handle a Hangover (And Hide it From Your Boss)“!!

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.